About Us

Welcome to Big Ben's Storage, where our commitment to exceptional service and reliability stems from humble beginnings and a passion for helping others.

Founded by Ben, who began his journey assisting residents in rest homes with moving, our company quickly expanded to meet the growing needs of our community. Recognizing the demand for storage solutions alongside our moving services, Ben established our first storage facility in St. George, Utah, in 2019.

Driven by a genuine love for the business and a dedication to exceeding customer expectations, Ben's vision led us to expand further. We've since partnered with like-minded individuals to establish facilities in Provo, South Salt Lake, and Ivins, Utah, as well as in Paris, Tennessee.

At Big Ben's Storage, we understand the importance of safe and reliable storage for your belongings. Whether you're moving homes, decluttering, or in need of long-term storage, our facilities are designed to provide you with peace of mind and convenience.

Join us at Big Ben's Storage, where our history of compassion, growth, and community support ensures that your storage needs are met with professionalism and care.